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The up to 3 metre high Acerola shrub comes from Central America and Brazil.
The bushes are grown in small plantations and harvested 3-4 times a year. The fruits are 1-3 cm in size, yellow-orange to red, have a very thin skin and are juicy sweet-sour to very sour.
They look similar to cherries, although they are not related. With around 1700 mg vitamin C per 100 g fruit flesh, they have at least 30 times as much as the lemon.

It is not possible to export the fresh fruit which is why it is mainly shipped as a juice concentrate, fruit puree or fruit powder.
As a natural source of Vitamin C, it is often combined with other valuable contents such as Acerola and is used in numerous areas of food production – be it as an additive in fruit juices, in dietary supplements or for refining sweets and ice-cream.

The organic variant of the fruit powder is usually used in the organic baking industry to improve the properties of pastry.

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