The history of Frutco AG


Gerber Inc. USA owns a plant for processing fresh bananas into banana puree in San Jose, Costa Rica. Over time, the quantity produced exceeds the company’s own requirements for banana puree for baby food production. Gerber Inc. decides to sell the excess capacity on the free market. In Europe, it finds M. Rüdiger and H. Schenker, two experts in the beverage market.


Gerber Finance, USA founds Frutco AG in Lostorf SO with M. Rüdiger and H. Schenker. Frutco AG receives the license for Europe from Gerber Ingredients in Costa Rica as a distribution partner for banana puree. In the coming years, Futco AG builds up the distribution of banana puree in Europe.


In its first financial year, Frutco AG achieved sales of CHF 3.7 million with a profit of CHF 24,000.


Sandoz becomes a shareholder in Frutco AG through the merger with Gerber Inc. USA


Frutco AG is gradually adding new processed exotic fruits to its product range alongside bananas.


Novartis is created in 1996 through the merger of Ciba-Geigy with Sandoz. In 2000, Novartis acquires Gerber Inc. and becomes a shareholder in Frutco AG.


In January, Frutco AG moves into offices in the former historic Bally Schuhe management building in Schönenwerd, SO.


Novartis sells its shares in Frutco AG to the two majority shareholders.


Frutco AG founds the subsidiary Frutco (Netherlands) B.V. in Holland for organic distribution in the EU.


Nestle takes over Gerber Inc. and becomes a license partner of Frutco AG


Frutco AG is taken over by ct finance AG


Frutco AG moves its domicile from Schönenwerd SO to Baden AG


The sister company Frutco de las Americas in Nicaragua is founded together with the sisters Chimaco SA (farm management) and Gemastepe SA (large farm)


Chimaco SA, the young sister company of Frutco AG, wins the “Runner-up” award for the best Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America at the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai with the participation of over 140 nations.


FruBaTec Zomac, another sister company, is founded in a joint venture with Banacol in Colombia and a banana Puree plant with an output of 36,000 tons is built and completed in 2020.


Closure of our banana Puree plant in Columbia (banana price too high).


Partnership with Paradise Ingredients, Costa Rica, as a supplier of banana puree and concentrate.