Cabosse Naturals by Frutco®

In line with consumer preference for tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly foods and beverages.

Cabosse Naturals and Frutco AG celebrate the incomparable taste and benefits of the cocoa fruit.

• With the new brand “Cabosse Naturals”, Barry Callebaut launches the next generation of innovative beverages and foods based on the cocoa fruit
• The new brand is distributed by Frutco AG
• The ingredients consist of 100% pure cocoa fruit and help industrial food manufacturers, chocolatiers and pâtissiers to create sophisticated new creations
• Cabosse Naturals allies with the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) to promote the complete recycling of food products in the cocoa fruit sector

Zurich/Switzerland, October 22, 2020 – Consumers are increasingly demanding tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly food and beverages. We are responding to this rethinking with our new brand Cabosse Naturals. Its unique product range of 100% pure cocoa fruit utilizes all the components of this precious raw material. From the pulp, juice and concentrate to the shell, which is processed into fine flour. This is how our “Cacaofruit Experience” creates a food and beverage range of the next generation. As cocoa fruit connoisseurs and experts, we skilfully showcase the fresh, fruity taste and natural richness of the product. Its nutritious ingredients also contain fiber, potassium and magnesium. Cabosse Naturals thus offers industrial manufacturers as well as commercial users and pâtissiers new scope to create fruit juices, smoothies, ice cream, snacks, bars, dairy desserts and confectionery.

Pablo Perversi, Barry Callebaut’s Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Quality Officer and Head of Gourmet, said: “Barry Callebaut exploits the full potential of the delicious cocoa fruit and skillfully brings out its fresh, fruity taste. With the cocoa fruit as its core product, our Cabosse Naturals brand offers a unique, nutrient-rich taste experience and opens up completely new possibilities for professional users, pâtissiers and industrial manufacturers”.

In harmony with the environment

Millennials and Centennials, as younger consumer groups with their own preferences, make new demands on food and beverages. They pay attention to their health, are environmentally conscious and demand products that are not only good for themselves, but also for our planet and its inhabitants. When it comes to food and beverages, taste, nutritional content and purity are what count for them. To meet these demands, Cabosse Naturals uses the entire cocoa fruit – from the delicious beans to the pulp and the shell.

Cabosse Naturals und Upcycled Food Association

In order to promote the concept of complete product recycling (upcycling), Cabosse Naturals has joined forces with the Upcycled Food Association (UFA). Since its creation in 2019, this rapidly growing non-profit organization has been working to up-cycle food to reduce food waste. Their goal is to create a food system that makes the best possible and most beneficial use of each product – a goal that Cabosse Naturals also pursues.

In recent years, a scalable supply chain has emerged that produces high quality products that are 100% pure cocoa fruit. We introduced this novel food and beverage category in 2019 in San Francisco. The world’s largest confectionery manufacturer, Mondelēz International, was the first company to introduce our “Cacaofruit Experience” under the CaPao brand as a product for consumers.