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Cabosse Naturals, a brand distributed by Frutco AG, was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs. With Cabosse Naturals, we refine the entire cocoa fruit into 100% natural ingredients with added value – from the pulp to the juice and concentrate to the shell, which is processed into fine flour.

Today’s consumers are showing an increasing interest in health and wellness with a desire to live happy, healthy lives. This is especially important for Millenials and Centennials, whose understanding of happiness extends beyond themselves into the world around them. Cabosse Natuals believes in a new generation of foods and beverages that are not only tasty, but also nutrient-rich and good for the planet and its inhabitants.
Our target group pays attention to their health, behaves environmentally conscious and demands products that are not only good for themselves, but also for our earth and its inhabitants. To meet these demands, Cabosse Naturals utilizes the entire cacaofruit – from the delicious beans to the pulp to the shell

We refine the entire cocoafruit into value-added specialties. Previously, only the seeds/beans were used for chocolate production and the remaining 70% was discarded. We offer a range of 100% natural cocoa fruit ingredients, from cocoa fruit pulp, juice and concentrate to cocoa fruit cascara.

Cocoafruit pulp
When you open the cocoafruit, the kernels appear, surrounded by a white, juicy pulp: the pulp. You can recognize the cocoa pulp by its clean, fresh white color and a sweet scent of fruity honey.
With its pleasantly fresh, fruity taste, cocoa pulp has a uniquely refreshing flavor of its own, bringing natural sweetness and delightfully refreshing fruit notes to drinks, ice cream and sorbet.

Cocoafruit juice
Cocoafruit juice is characterized by a unique fresh fruitiness, which makes it a very refreshing fruit base for a variety of beverages. After the fruit is opened, the cocoa fruit pulp is immediately pressed into a juice to preserve the fresh flavors and nutrients.
Cocoa fruit juice is golden brown in color, has a fruity aroma, and naturally contains magnesium and potassium. The cocoa fruit juice is particularly suitable for use in drinks to bring a delicious and exotic taste.

Cocoafruit juice concentrate
The cocoa fruit juice concentrate gives beverages, sorbets, ice creams, dairy products and confectionery an intense fruity sweetness and a unique signature flavor.
Cocoa fruit juice concentrate is characterized by its golden brown color and a fruity honey scent and is made from the fruit pulp juice. The cocoa fruit juice is filtered, gently pasteurized and the water is evaporated to obtain a concentrate that is 100% pure, free of sweeteners, additives and preservatives. This delicious and fruity concentrate naturally contains magnesium and potassium.

Cocoafruit cascara
Cascara cocoa fruit is particularly suitable for use in confectionery and baked goods. It increases the nutritional value of products when used as a partial substitute for fat and sugar.
Cocoa fruit cascara is made from the dried and ground shell of the cocoa fruit. This fine flour is a nutrient-rich ingredient that is naturally rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium, and contains many other nutrients such as manganese, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin B5 and vitamin D2.

The Cacaofruit Experience spans a wide range of applications
Cacaofruit Experience is an innovative product line that celebrates the fresh, fruity taste and natural richness of cocoa fruit and marks the creation of a new category of food and beverage.

Yogurts & Desserts
Fruit snacks
Snack Bars
Chocolate Confectionery
Ice cream & sorbets

Good for the planet: Avoiding food waste
About 14 million tons of cocoa fruit are harvested every year around the world to make chocolate. Since only their seeds were used, 70% of the fruit ended up in waste. Now we utilize the entire fruit: the seeds, the pulp and the shell. No wasted deliciousness. No wasted nutrients.

Cabosse Naturals beliefs and values
Cabosse Naturals believes in a next generation of foods and beverages that are not only tasty, but also nutritious and good for the planet and its inhabitants. Cabosse Naturals’ cacao fruit ingredients are in line with these beliefs and desires. Our range of cacao fruit ingredients are uniquely flavorful, nutrient-rich and produced in a sustainable, low-waste supply chain.

No compromise on quality and food safety
Product safety is guaranteed from production to storage through the implementation of HACCP principles in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius. Our critical partners have GFSI-recognized certification. The safety of our products is confirmed by European accredited laboratories.

The ingredients of Cabosse Naturals are:
✔ Kosher certified*
✔ Halal certified*
✔ Vegan, vegetarian
✔ Free from GMOs
✔ 100% natural, 100% free from additives & preservatives

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