Gerda van Damme

We are very happy to announce that Gerda Van Damme has been appointed to our team as Strategic Sales Director EMEA.

Gerda is globally renowned in the fruit processing industry, with a focus on tropical fruit juices, purees, concentrates and other derivative products such as ingredients, IQF, dried powders and flakes.

As an academic engineer in biosciences, food science and nutrition, Gerda developed the flavouring department of Red Star Specialty Products in Europe for Universal Foods/Sensient. With Chiquita, she ensured long-term profitable growth for processed fruit ingredients. After transferring to Switzerland and the take-over by Cutrale, Gerda joined Alcatrading and created the market for Banalight, Tropilight and Frutilight for a range of tropical fruit purees, juices and IQF. After 10 years, it was time to help AgroAmerica with its new banana puree business. But the best is yet to come…

Within FRUTCO, Gerda will be driving our business strategy for tropical fruit ingredients with a focus on sustainability and intended purpose.