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Tropical Fruit Puree Concentrate

Our fruit purées and fruit concentrates for export are made from specially selected fruits.

Frutco AG is supplier and distributor of tropical and exotic fruit juices and concentrates in Switzerland and Europe, with a clear focus on Banana, Pineapple, Passion fruit, Mango, Lime, Lemon, Guava and Papaya. We work directly with producers and our products are produced according to the AIJN code of practice (CoP).
An exotic fruit is defined as a fruit of tropical or subtropical climate zones. Tropical fruits have in common not to withstand the cold and be damaged or have developmental disorders when the temperature drops below 4 ° C.
Exotic fruits are characterized by being juicy, fresh and with intense flavor. The quality of the product that we can offer is always the one that best meets the requirements of our customers. The best organoleptic parameters are achieved when the fruit is harvested at its optimum maturity moment, only then we can get high content of °Brix and balanced flavor. The countries that export tropical fruits are in the Far East, Latin America, the Caribbean and, to a lesser extent, in Africa and the subtropical coast of Spain.

All our products are up to international standards and are used for industrial purposes.

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